Battery Casting Bench (DYN-BCB)

Battery Casting Bench (DYN-BCB)

Battery casting is much advanced technology than the bench casting, it reduces the space in production and increases the production speed. A lot of sanitaryware companies are now upgrading their bench casting to battery casting for possible products. The battery casting investment payback time is around 1 year. Implementing battery casting will take time around one month for existing bench casting products.

Size: – 21 mtr. / 30 mtr.

Mould Capacity: – 55 to 56 Moulds

Battery casting machines can be used for pan items, washbasins, water closets, Traps and other simple sanitaryware products. Patterns like one-piece toilet, Urinals are not suitable for battery casting.

Beam Casting Machine with Heating System (DYN-BCM)

There won’t be much difference from bench casting to Beam casting. Only the mould handling is different. Moulds are mounted on base frame of machine and clamped after levelling. Slip is filled from bottom in the moulds for casting formation. After casting and piece hardening, excess slip is unloaded  by using static air pressure. In beam casting lead screw is locked with up-down beam.

System Length: – 22 mtr.
Mould Capacity: – 64 to 72 Moulds
Power Consumption: – 1.5 KW

Beam Casting Machine with Heating System (DYN-BCM)
Beam Casting Machine with Heating System (DYN-BCM) 2

Lift Casting Machine with Heating System (DYN-LCM)

Lift casting is same as beam casting. It takes less area as compared to beam casting. In lift casting machine beam moves in up & down direction and lead screw remains fixed and rotates with respect to its own center axis. Two lead screws are driven by geared motor for Mould closing and opening in up & down direction. Motor operates manually in reverse /forward direction controlled by switches attached in control panel. After casting, pieces are removed from mould by using air manually. For mould drying, there is supply of hot air by duct burner and blower.

System Length: – 5.5 Mtr.
Mould Capacity: – 28 to 30 Moulds.
Power Consumption: – 1.5 KW

Lift Casting Machine with Heating System (DYN-LCM)

PLC Operated Automatic Tipping Bench (DYN-ATB)

This is a one of its casting machine that can take care of all your casting requirements. Automatic Casting and Demolding of WC, Wash basins, Shower Trays, Tanks, Lids etc. Features:
•Safe and Reliable Ball Screw Lifting System.
•Tilting at 0⁰, 45⁰,90⁰, 95⁰ and -10⁰ by geared motor.
•Casting with Slip distribution and Demoulding by warm air.
•Electro pneumatic PLC panel is provided to automatically control the whole production cycle.

PLC Operated Automatic Tipping Bench (DYN-ATB) 2
PLC Operated Automatic Tipping Bench (DYN-ATB)

Flexible Bench Casting Machine (DYN-FCM)


• Casting Degree rotation from -5⁰ to 35⁰.
• Easy Demoulding by Automated Demoulding Machine.
• Time saving Better Efficiency than Traditional Casting Bench.
• Axial fan for quick mould drying & Side channel Blower for demoulding.
• Conveyor for finished piece movement & Conveyor for mould replacement.
• Speed control available for varying speed of inclination.
• Dual speed in demoulding machine.
• Safety interlocks in casting bench.



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