Body & Glaze Preparation

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Body & Glaze Preparation

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High Speed Turbo Blunger (DYN-HSTB)

Turbo Blungers are used for quick preparation of Slurry used for body preparation. There is a drastic reduction in the slurry preparation time, due to the design of the turbo blunger stator, rotor and impellers. The stator, rotor, impellers help to create a whirlpool which enables easy and homogeneous dissolution of the raw materials. The stator, rotor, impellers are made up of wear resistant steel plates which provide better life. Load cells are placed at the foot of the blunger which help in keeping a track of the weight of the mixture and batching process.

Volume: – 0.5 m^3 to 20 m^3

storage silo 2

Stickup Slip Mixer (DYN-SM)

stickup slip mixer

Stick up Slip Mixer is used for mixing of highly viscous materials. It is mounted on a pneumatic cylinder and can be moved up and down as per user requirement. It is used to prepare glue for sticking the body and rim. The blades are fabricated out of stainless steel and driven by a powerful geared motor.

Capacity: – 50 kg to 200 kg

Slip Storage Tank (DYN-SST)

We manufacture Large diameter slip storage tanks, with inbuilt heating and cooling coils to maintain the property of the slip all around the year. These tanks are insulated with LRB mattress. Slow stirring agitators are provided in the tanks for constant stirring of slip. Agitator can be Wooden or Stainless Steel.

Volume: – 10 m^3 to 80 m^3

Slip Storage Tank
slip storage tank

Slow Stirring Agitator (DYN-SSA)

Slow stirring agitators are used in slip storage tanks. The slow stirring action helps to maintain the property of the slip. The Shaft and blades are fabricated out of Stainless Steel. The number of blades depends upon the size of the storage tanks. The slow stirring agitator is powered by heavy geared motor. The rotation of agitator can be controlled with the help of VFD.


Ball Mill (DYN-BM)


Ball mills are made out of Steel sheets well fabricated and accurately finished to give efficient grinding quality. These ball mills can be placed on reinforced footing or on metal bases with strong axles and heavy-duty bearings to provide the required strength and balance. Ball mills are complete with loading, unloading doors etc.
The motor in our ball mills is placed on adjustable mounting plates to loosen or tighten the V Belts. Our ball mills come with an inching option and electro Pneumatic brake, which helps in easy loading, unloading and initial start-up. These ball mills come with inbuilt revolution counters.  The ball mills have 92% and 68% alumina lining inside.

Capacity : – 50 kg to 40,000 kg

Jar / Pot Mill (DYN-JAR)

Compact ball mill suitable for small-volume production and laboratory use. A fine milling machine with a pot rotating on two shafts. As the pot is a compact, one-block unit, there is no joint sealant contamination, and is easy to handle. A wide variety of sizes are available.

Capacity: – 2 Stage / 3 Stage (5 to 6 Jar per Stage)

jar pot mill

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